Turnstone Marine Surveys
Marine Electrical, Corrosion, Prepurchase, and Casualty

Turnstone Marine Survey LLC offers complete marine surveying of sail and power vessels, including damage claims, appraisal, and consultation. Also available for marine electrical design, diagnostics, corrosion, and consultation. This company is dedicated to the highest standards in the boating industry as addressed by SAMS, ABYC, NFPA, CFR, COLREGS, etc. Recognized and complimented for thorough inspections and timely reports, rivers, lakes, and harbors of Southeastern New England to Mid-coast Maine east of the Connecticut River is home territory, but travel can be arranged almost anywhere! A variety of report formats is available. Unsolicited references available on The Hull Truth.com 

Turnstone Marine Survey
Marine Electrical, Corrosion, and Casualty

Rates and Services

“Reliability is designed in… Quality is built in”,
and a good professional Marine Surveyor makes sure it is!

NOTE: If you’re shopping for the least expensive surveyor- I’m probably not it.
Not all Marine Surveys are alike. Nor are all Marine Surveyors. You pay for quality and quality pays you back. If you are shopping for the lowest cost surveyor to inspect this complex machine that you are placing you, your friend’s, your families lives in the hands of, then you are making a costly and possible dangerous mistake. My experience, my training, my dedication, my education, and professionalism add up to what my product is worth. Now after all that, read on, and you’ll find I charge less than the yard that paints the bottom of your boat!

2022-24 Seasons Available Services and Costs  (Add 10% inflation surcharge)

Pre-purchase Survey (Includes Sea Trial)

  • All sizes brokered power vessels: Costs will be quoted based on the age/size/complexity/condition of the boat and hourly rate- minimum $750
  • All sizes private (non-brokered) power and sail boats- hourly rate. (Estimate may be given, but work will be billed by the clock).
  • Sailboats (brokered): Costs will be quoted based on the age/size/complexity/condition of the boat and hourly rate. (Usually more than power boats).
  • Multi-hulls are usually more time consuming.
  • Large, complex yachts (>60′) are surveyed at the hourly rate for the time necessary to complete on the on-board survey and write the report.
  • Small (<30′) boats: There is a 6 hour minimum charge for pre-purchase surveys.
  • Pre-purchase surveys typically include a sea trial which is included in the price quote.
  • Use the Cost Estimator button for a direct personal quote.

2024 hourly rate= $125.00 + 10% Inflation

Condition and Valuation (Insurance Survey) Hourly rate. No two used boats are alike even if they are the same size. Time spent on a survey is affected by the condition of the vessel, its location, the extent of equipment aboard, time necessary to accumulate information and to provide a report document. If your 26′ boat is well maintained and simply equipped, you should not expect to pay the same as a 26′ boat loaded with extras and/or not well maintained. A quote will estimate time spent on the vessel plus time to write the report. (Minimum C&V Survey cost is $625 and vehicle/travel expenses apply).

Valuation (only) Sorry, no longer performed.

Consultation, Electrical, Damage and Claims surveys, pre-commissioning surveys, return surveys, penetrant dye testing, sea trials, galvanic/stray current testing, electrical systems (testing, design, consultation), and/or bonding system analysis billed per hour, ($250 minimum). (Travel expenses apply for the round trip from my office).

“Drive-by” inspections are for far away customers interested in a local listing. I will do a cursory inspection of the vessel, take photographs, then produce a bulleted list summarizing my findings. The photos will be posted via cloud and the link will be given. This usually takes me 3 hours and mileage round-trip is charged. NOTE: 2 hours of this charge is credited towards a pre-purchase survey if subsequently ordered.

Open inspection of sails is additional and I will need assistance. (Cursory from deck level Inspection of rigging and a sail inventory/in-bag inspection is included at no additional cost).

Outboard engine survey (beyond normal observations) includes engine startup, warm-up, lower unit operation and oil check: Included in a Pre Purchase Survey. (This is a cursory inspection. In depth analysis should be  done by a factory trained technician- especially late models). Electronic Control Module (ECM) inboard and outboard downloads must be performed by outboard professional technicians or dealerships with the appropriate software.

Oil Sample Analysis including engine start and warm-up or following the sea trial costs $100 for each sample- engine/transmissions. Boat owner or representative must be present to prepare and start engine(s). (Travel expenses apply if not part of vessel survey).

Travel expenses are not charged for Pre-purchase surveys if the job is within 50 miles of Interstate 95 between Mystic, CT and Portland, ME and the survey value >= $875.00. Island surveys will be charged air or ferry transportation costs, parking costs, and island taxi if necessary, but not travel time. Travel expenses will be negotiated before survey. For all other work, round trip mileage from my office to the job will be billed.

Electronically printed reports are emailed then posted on the TMS website upon completion for future reference. Optional printed Pre-purchase Survey reports are in a handsome bound report cover using high definition color printing and utilizing both sides of high quality HP® Presentation Paper. $50 to cover printing and shipping costs.

Classic boats, boats older than 20 years, commercial or charter boats: See Condition and Valuation Survey. Costs to be agreed upon prior to survey or when on site.

Pre-commissioning survey. Get your boat ready for the season. Make sure your boat is shipshape before you launch. (See pricing for “Consultation” above). Also useful to long distance shoppers- Don’t waste your time or travel expenses! I will prepare a list of deficiencies and take current photos, then email and report findings by phone.

Turnstone Marine Survey reserves the right to assess additional hourly rate surcharges if the survey process is slowed by circumstances beyond the control of the surveyor. Such as a vessel not properly prepared for survey as per instructions, third party contractors not hired by TMS, vessel equipment located elsewhere, a vessel in poor condition, etc.

Customers will receive an invoice for services rendered at or before the survey. Payment in full must be received before the report is released. You may pay by check, cash, or Master Card, AMEX, Discover, and Visa via the PayPal system linked to via my webpage.


Peter Spang, AMS®
(SAMS® Accredited Marine Surveyor)
ABYC Certified Marine Electrical
ABYC Certified Marine Corrosion
ABYC Certified Small Craft Standards
MAIAAI Mass. International Association of Arson Investigators
NMEA 0400 Electronics Installations Certified
NFPA Standards Compliant
USPAP Standards Appraisals