Turnstone Marine Since 2003
Insurance Damage Claims
Marine Electrical and Corrosion Consultation
Prepurchase Surveys

Turnstone Marine Survey LLC specializes in:  

  • Marine electrical and corrosion consultation and diagnostics.
  • Insurance casualty and damage claims.
  • Prepurchase and Insurance Condition and Value Surveys. 

This company is dedicated to the highest standards in the boating industry as addressed by SAMS, ABYC, NFPA, CFR, COLREGS, etc. Recognized and complimented for thorough inspections and timely reports, rivers, lakes, and harbors of Southeastern New England to Mid-coast Maine east of the Connecticut River is home territory, but travel can be arranged almost anywhere! A variety of report formats is available. Unsolicited references available on The Hull Truth.com 

Turnstone Marine Survey
Marine Electrical, Corrosion, and Casualty


Water and Weather Work 24/7!

Not to mention everyday wear and tear on your boat. The goal
is for the surveyor to find the problems before they cost you a
bundle or worse! An experienced surveyor expertly knows
where to look for trouble in the vessel.

Don’t Buy Without an Independent Professional Survey and

Something to think about…

A thorough survey of a used yacht to standards of the ABYC
puts the prospective buyer in the advantageous position of
being able to bargain either price or for repair work to be done
before purchase. This often amounts to $thousands saved
usually more than offsetting the cost of the survey. The
information contained within the vessel survey is invaluable to
a new owner.

Mission Statement

I do not work for brokers or sellers. I will provide only
you with a non-biased report of findings on the vessel
that will satisfy any underwriter or lender because I am
accredited by, and prescribe to the ethics and standards
of SAMS® -Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors,
USPAP -Universal Standards of Professional Appraisal
Practice and ABYC -American Boat and Yacht Council.
Furthermore, as a graduate of the Chapman School
of Seamanship, I will survey thoroughly to the standards
set forth by their program.

Peter J. Spang, AMS®


Peter Spang, AMS®
(SAMS® Accredited Marine Surveyor)
ABYC Certified Marine Electrical
ABYC Certified Marine Corrosion
ABYC Certified Small Craft Standards
MAIAAI Mass. International Association of Arson Investigators
NMEA 0400 Electronics Installations Certified
NFPA Standards Compliant
USPAP Standards Appraisals