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Operation by person(s) under 25 years of age
Extended offshore cruising or fishing
Bareboat charter or carrying passengers for hire
Bluewater transit
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Sea trial (Included in Prepurchase survey)
Consultation (2 hour minimum)
Galvanic Analysis ($5/foot LOA)
Drive-by inspection (as discussed)
Open sail inspection
Dye penetrant metals testing
Printed and bound report $35
Engine fluids analysis ($90 for first sample- $50 subsequent)
Moisture analysis (Standalone procedure)
Please Note:
  • Customers will receive an invoice for services rendered at or before the survey.  Payment in full must be
    received before the report is released.  You may pay by check, cash, or Master Card, AMEX, Discover, and
    Visa via the PayPal system link on the TMS home page.
  • A survey in progress stopped for any reason is invoiced for time spent and travel.
  • Edits requested to reports after Internet publishing- $100. (Errors corrections will not be charged)
  • Turnstone Marine Survey reserves the right to assess additional hourly rate surcharges if the survey process
    is slowed by circumstances beyond the control of the surveyor.  Such as a vessel not properly prepared for
    survey as per instructions, third party contractors not hired by TMS, vessel equipment located elsewhere, a
    vessel in poor condition, etc.
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Terms and Conditions for Survey
The parties agree as follows:

 The undersigned requests Turnstone Marine Survey LLC to undertake a marine survey and/or other specified
service to the vessel designated on the Request to Survey form.

 Turnstone Marine Survey LLC (henceforth TMS) agrees to perform the requested service, to use due diligence
and reasonable care while doing so, and to determine and convey the results in a written or verbal report within the
terms and conditions of this agreement.

 The report represents the full and complete findings; verbal statements, opinions and representations

 The written survey report is submitted without prejudice for the sole and exclusive use of the survey purchaser(s).
The survey purchaser(s) specifically agrees not to release, nor reveal the survey report, nor any
part thereof, to any party who may rely upon the content. TMS agrees to furnish any copies as required,
to financial and insurance concerns for the exclusive purposes of lending decisions and insurance underwriting.
The survey purchaser(s) specifically agree not to reproduce, photocopy, nor quote the survey
report, nor any part thereof. (TMS holds ©copyrights for its reports). The survey purchaser(s) saves harmless
TMS and Peter J. Spang, personally and as an officer and director from any loss or claim of any kind
whatsoever, arising from the use or reliance of any third party(ies) of the survey report, or its content or
findings. The use of, or reliance upon the survey report as a “seller’s survey”, (or by subsequent purchaser(s) or
party(ies) in interest including charterers), is specifically prohibited.

 The survey purchaser(s) acknowledge and agree that the harsh marine environment and the vagaries of
use and maintenance make any findings, opinions or recommendations or lack thereof, speculative, obsolete
and without effect beyond the date of survey. The survey report can only represent the condition of
the vessel and its components as observed on the date of the survey as a “snapshot in time”.

 The survey purchaser(s) acknowledge that conditions, problems and latent defects which are not open to
view without the removal of decking, secured panels, coatings, joinery, sails, gear or personal effects are
beyond the scope of the survey. TMS is not responsible for researching manufacturers’ recalls for this
vessel or it's related machinery/ systems.

 The survey purchaser(s) acknowledge that TMS and Peter J. Spang, in performing and in reporting the
results of the survey, anticipate and rely upon the survey purchaser(s) to use, and to require all operators
to use competent seamanship and maintenance practices consistent with those of the prudent mariner.
For Turnstone Marine Survey, LLC.
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Peter J. Spang, CEO, AMS# 987