Upon receipt of the Request to Survey and Terms and Conditions for Survey, please take care to respond to
all applicable questions on the Request to Survey.  I use this information to prepare and aid in my pre-survey
research.  You need not sign the Request to Survey until the survey pricing has been added, but pricing must be
agreed upon and signed before the survey.   The Terms and Conditions for Survey must be signed before the
survey.  Please get this paperwork back to me as soon as possible.  Next, inform the seller that I will be surveying
on agreed date.  If survey is to include starting the engines, hauling or launching the boat, performing a sea trial,
etc., it will be your responsibilities to arrange for, and pay expenses incurred.

First of all...
1.        Proof of ownership is necessary: vessel’s state registration, title if applicable or USCG documentation
will do.  Please have these documents available at the time of the survey.

I must see the HIN, (Hull Identification Number), which is stamped into the hull usually in the upper
starboard corner of the transom.  If there is a different location, please inform me.

If USCG documented, the documentation number must be fixed to the hull somewhere… please inform
me as to its location.

I only report what I see…
4.        For instance: “I’m installing a new VHF radio but it’s not wired in yet”.  Survey says: “VHF does not power
up –not serviceable”.  This will be a reported deficiency to be explained to the insurance agent or lender.  At
least have electronics available, if not on board, for inventory.  If the vessel is being worked on, it’s not ready for
a survey.  Please schedule when work is completed.

 Please leave in plain view all safety equipment to avoid time wasted looking for: Personal Flotation
Devices, non-expired signaling /flare kits, horns, first aid kits, searchlights, EPIRB and EPIRB registration, etc.  
Make known the location of all fire extinguishers.

I do not open locked or screwed down panels or hatches so if there is a secured electrical panel or
a fuel tank under a secured deck hatch, please remove locks or screws to provide accessibility.  Please have
batteries on board, charged and connected.  If a shore power system, also plug in if possible.  If the engine is to
be started on the hard, have a cooling water source connected and ready to go.  (Owner or representative must
be present to start engine(s)).   

Hint: A clean, organized, (shipshape) vessel always helps the overall rating.  So please, either stow
personal items or better yet, remove them so they do not impede the inspection of something important.

If the survey is a Prepurchase, ask what is to be included in sale.  There is no sense in my surveying a
life pod or EPIRB if the owner will not be including these items in the sale.

For safety reasons, the survey will stop if:
      a.    Odor of propane is detected.
      b.    Odor of gasoline is detected.
      c.    Any condition surveyor deems too dangerous to be on board, or vessel is unfit.

10.    Survey stopped for any reason will be billed at ½ the agreed full survey cost.
From the Surveyor's Notebook
Turnstone Marine Survey
Pre-Survey Instructions and Vessel Preparation