What about Condition and Value Surveys?

When your insurance company or financial institution requests a survey on a vessel you already own, they are asking for an update on
the condition and value of your boat. It is how they ascertain the risk involved in issuing a policy and updating the value of the boat
based on it's condition. The engines might not be started and there is no sea trial involved. The Condition and Value report will be
smaller and more focused on problems, (deficiencies), found during the survey process. Also, photos will be used only to enhance the
verbal descriptions. Keep in mind these reports are being looked at by agents familiar with boats.

No matter what type of survey or service I perform:
  • I take my time.
  • I use all my skills, tools and experience to the best of my abilities.
  • I report all that I see relative to the type of report.
  • I am foremost concerned for your safety.
  • I make sure your boat and it's systems are within the standards, guidelines, and regulations of all related overseers.

I am never a cut-rate surveyor. I know what my work is worth and how long it takes me to perform a survey. However, there are
surveyors, credentialed and not, that offer surveys at reduced rates, (they know what their work is worth)- and I don't try to compete. I
don't agree with compromise when it comes to anyone's safety. You will always get the best of what I have to offer and I guarantee that!
From the Surveyor's Notebook