What do I need? Pre-purchase, Condition and Value, or just a Valuation Survey...

The difference between a Pre-purchase Survey and a Condition and Value Survey, (or
Insurance Survey),
is only in the focus and types of information given in the report. A
Condition and Value report
will focus more only on the vessel's system deficiencies
whereas the
Pre-purchase report will identify most or all the vessel's systems including
entertainment and furnishings with more photography... a larger report. The physical
process of the vessel's inspection is just as thorough for all types of surveys. Depending on
the vessel, but not limited to, the hull and deck structure(s) and systems, propulsion
machinery and fuel systems, electrical systems (AC and/or DC), electrical supply systems,
batteries, bonding systems, genset, heads and waste systems, domestic water system, hot
water heater, pumps and filters, galley and related equipment, LPG or CNG systems, air
conditioning and/or heating systems, steering, navigational equipment, anchoring and
docking systems, sailboat rigging, spars, chain plates, sails, and especially- safety systems
are included in the inspection process.

Pre-purchase Survey is most beneficial when purchasing a used or even a new vessel.
It will better describe
all the complicated systems typically found aboard the contemporary
boat. It will also be universally accepted by insurance and financing companies. There are
times when your insurance company or financial institution might request a survey of your
vessel initially and/or henceforth every 4-6 years. They want to know the present condition,
location, and value for establishing risk etc. The costs for all surveys are given in the rates
section of this site. Sometimes conditions do not permit a full
Pre-purchase Survey in
which case a
Condition and Value Survey and report will do. There are times when only
Vessel Valuation
is desired for estate purposes, etc. This is the same as a Condition and
Valuation Survey
.  An accurate vessel valuation cannot be determined and usually not
accepted without a complete inspection of its' condition.
If I am requested to return for a resurvey to check for corrective actions on deficiencies, my
hourly rate applies plus travel charges.  
From the Surveyor's Notebook