What’s the first step to initiate a survey?

A phone call to me is the first step.  I’ll ask a few questions over the phone.  I like to know for
whom I am working and obtain basic info about the vessel.  I’ll fax or mail a Turnstone Marine
Survey work order package to you that must be signed and returned to me before the survey
can start.  Upon receipt of the work order, you and I will agree on costs and then I will start to
gather information about the vessel from all my sources.  Weather permitting, the survey will
be done upon the agreed upon date.  The survey purchaser or vessel owner must arrange,
(and probably be asked to pay for), haul-outs, launches, sea trials, engine starts, etc..  The
best time for short hauls for most boatyards is midday.  The owner or licensed captain must
pilot the vessel for any sea trials.  After the survey, unless otherwise agreed, I will have a
report ready within 2 business days of the survey –
guaranteed, or no charge.  I will present
you with the survey, which must be to your satisfaction –
guaranteed, or no charge.  Payment
is expected at the time of survey or at least before the report is released.
From the Surveyor's Notebook