What will the surveyor do in a typical Pre-purchase Yacht Survey?

In a Pre-purchase survey, all accessible parts and systems in the boat are carefully examined.  Whether or not the vessel is out of the
water determines how much of the hull can be examined.  It is strongly recommended that an in-water boat be hauled so the underwater
components can be accessed and the wetted surface checked for blistering, etc.  The hull and deck are checked for moisture incursion
and tapped with a phenolic hammer in a grid like pattern, which to the surveyor’s ear will locate problems if any in the fiberglass
laminate. Voids in the laminates might or might not have water in them, but if they do, they should be properly repaired.  The fuel system
is checked.  The propulsion system is checked.   If requested, the engine(s) is started, warmed up and then oil samples are drawn from
each motor if applicable, and sent for analysis. A sea trial is included in the price of a Pre-purchase Survey. Full outboard surveys are
available and arrangements for larger inboard diesel and gasoline engines can be arranged.  The electrical system is checked.  
Generators, shore power/AC system, air conditioners, marine electronics, stoves, heaters, fresh water, toilets (MSDs), superstructures,
towers, steering, hydraulics, sailboat rigging, winches, stanchions, hatches, lifelines, ground tackle and rode, davits…the list goes on
and on.  All these things are checked for condition, catalogued, and compared to federal (CFR, MARPOL), international (ISO,
COLREG), and state regulations and standards set forth by the ABYC, (American Boating and Yacht Council), and NFPA, (National Fire
Protection Agency), for compliance.  Deficiencies are listed according to severity at the end of the report.  Many photographs are taken
and included in the report for clarity.  The hull ID number is documented and pertinent papers such as registration or federal
documentation are examined and reported.  Finally a value is placed on the boat.  It is not unusual for the survey to take 3 to 6 hours
and at least as much time spent on the research and report writing.  The report will be posted on TMS website for viewing and printing
as soon as it's completed.  Report is instantly accessible only by you and people you give the password to.  If requested, you will receive
an attractive bound report in a ring binder with a large color picture of your vessel on the cover plus many pertinent photos within.  
Printing is done on both sides of the paper, and only HP® Premium Presentation paper is used.It is a thorough, professional report that
will put you in an educated position to bargain for price or itemize work to be done before taking ownership.
From the Surveyor's Notebook